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WANTED - 1 House Mate; a 50 year old concreter with a raging speed habit to support is not ideal [Mar. 24th, 2010|11:35 am]
Is there someone out there who likes to party hearty with the drink smoke & loud music all weekend enjoying an affordable lifestyle in the inner city suburb Footscray co-existing with a punk/goth artist - X retailer and a gothic art student?
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gosh an ancient post of mine that didnt post [Mar. 24th, 2010|11:32 am]

So I have this idea to buy some commerical property around the city. Something I can live and work in. He says it's just as expensive in Footscray as the Industrial parts of Fitzroy. Why live in Footscray if you can live in Fitzroy, it's groovier?

That Sunday arvo we decided to go to Fitzroy to check it out and we pack a lunch. I dunno what it was exactly but I lost patince with the entire exersise and fucked off from him throwing our plans for the day into the air.

A few days went by and as I hadnt seen him I had time to think about this decision of mine to buy. I thought about all I had been doing to get to know Footscray where I live, get along with the folk and to make new friends.

I trawled the internet looking over prices of land and though it seemed the slightest possibility I could find something in Fitzroy for what I was willing to settle for, I realised my heart is in Footscray, I acually have a life here.

I thought of my new friends, my neighbours, the towns folk and I realised that to feel this way, then in truth, Footscray is my home.... home is where the heart is!

We hadnt resolved our differences from that Sunday when I went to score some weed from a friend of his. She is an amaphrodite prostutute who wouldnt mind getting out of the game. She has come around to his place time to time to use it as a brothel with her old time client. Noticing what she was using his place for I was careful to make sure I wasnt involved in any of these business transactions of hers, rather I got another business transaction going in way of me buying weed from her.  

Anyhow, this day I'm at her place and we were talking about this idea of mine to buy. I told her how I thought Footscray would be a more realistic prospect, he wanted me to go with the idea of buying in Fitzroy cos he wants out of Footscray. 

Suddenly her eyes lit up and her jaw dropped open. "The kaniving lil cunt!!! He was telling me how crazy you are to think of buying in Fitzroy when it was HIS IDEA!!!"

Funny that. Nahhh I wouldnt find that too supprising.

Ahhhh you cant proove this, and particularly from the mouth of a prostitute,
like you cant proove that it was me and a young friend who spent hours back n forth from his front of his door
arranging traffic signs n rocks.

He wouldnt answer the door, n matter how much racket we made at the door..so we got creative.

All these rocks were arranged under a men at work sign blocking his door so he and the woman he was with in there couldnt get out.

Insidently one of the rocks layed at his door was a rock I had taken off him one day when he was about to put through the head of the woman...... who was behind that closed door with him that night.

And, as he would have called the police, they are very familiar with him and his place AND the woman who was in his place that night. He has had intervention orders on her, he's had her removed by police in the past for being a menice.

So this day he's locked in his flat with this woman police know is a menace,
and his story is that he was locked in his flat by another woman who was being a menace.

I can only imagine the cops would have been pissing themselves laughing... and the council workers would all be laughing as the gear gets returned, and the neighbours who have seen me quell the violance at his place in the past would also be laughing,

..and me and my young friend, we still piss ourslves over the incident.

My bet is.... if he can have that woman back in his house after he's tried to smash a rock through her head... and other awful shit to her to rid her when the wim dictates, then he'll definately want me and my young friend back to mess with.

Man, what kind of hell hole has me and my young friend been diggin?

Eureka! I think we have struck GOLD!!!

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Writer's Block: Agree to disagree [Oct. 2nd, 2009|10:46 am]
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[mood |geekygeeky]

Have you ever stopped being friends with someone over differences in political views? Are there any issues that are so important to you that you cannot be friends with someone who holds a contrary opinion?
Yes I stopped being friends with someone because of political differences.

It was that fated day September 11.. I was on livejournal when news spread all over the internet about a building on fire in New York.

Then all the assumptions came flowing forth.

"It was a bomb, it was this it was that" until later that day we learn it was an aeroplane...and the rest of the story.
So amidst all this was the pontifying and beating about on soap boxes....and I got jack of it.

Here in the face of a human tragedy, thousands have lost their life
and these Americans were carrying on giving the impression about how the victims of the twin towers collapse deserved to get what they got being associated with this greedy capitolist regime bla bla bla bla...

I figured that was not a socialist view they were airing. I had previously assumed these friends shared simular socialist views with me. I mean I dont think it is much of a socialist philosophy the practice of gloating at a human tragedy saying I told ya so.

And their attitude toward me, these couple of friends, was patronising. Patting me on the head sorta thing, oh that's our Australian friend, she's crazy eh..... stripping all sense of what I may have been saying to re arrage this as their own say ignoring the truth it was my sense to begin with. So I look like a silly dill around them rendered dumb as they have right of way with my own say??!!!. That day I took em off my Live Journal friends list.
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say wot? [EDIT:] [Sep. 21st, 2009|01:21 am]
ravenritings : says
it's a big idea i worked on a while now how to sort this together for some sorta livin... now off the pension
can only clean toilets

The Clash - The Magnificent Seven

ravenritings : says
however.. arrrrrt
is the bet

M says

ravenritings says:
anyhow.. the idea is about settin up a foundation for punk/goth independant artists

M says:
sounds very kool

ravenritings says:
well a donation to that foundation would be the use of this warehouse 

to provide a platform for independant artists to operate their business for the hope of a reasonable wage 

The Damned - Machine Gun Etiquette
however i am buying the warehouse ./. space.. it not a great lot, what i hope to find ..a lease to be a donation for this cause
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passage passage... [Aug. 19th, 2009|11:17 pm]
[music |Sound Garden - Burden In My Hand]

the raven rites
this ship
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tumble weed [Aug. 9th, 2009|01:34 am]
Well when I'm smoking marijuana, at least they can say
I been smoking too much ghuanga
So now i be too lazy even to roll another joint now
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Sacred Poosday [Aug. 8th, 2009|10:38 pm]
Here be the chance i be doin a shit around here
Thank God there is a
Sacred Poosday
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Writer's Block: Jury Duty [Aug. 8th, 2009|09:15 pm]

Have you ever served on a jury? If yes, then what was the case and what was the verdict?
no, i suppose i was too occupied with outrunning the law
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yeah but? [Aug. 8th, 2009|08:46 pm]
its alright cos at the end of the day.. it's still that same old fucking ship
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and for something that was initiated upon a wimsy.... it's miraculously holding up..WTF? [Jul. 31st, 2009|02:48 pm]
There is much more going on than just me selling ZINES in the Subway about Roxy n I homeless last year.

Apart from presenting the public with a human story where I attempt to challange the stereo typing that has hindered my own personal development over the years....

I am dressed in a stereo typical manner and where I chose to conduct my business selling the material suits typically this stereo type of me I am challenging.

So... some people walking down the stairs into the subway upon seeing me there flogging my art material have already made up their mind what I am and what I'm doing there and how they should conduct themselves as they walk past me.

I intend a soft sell approach with the sales of the ZINE. Afterall I dont want people treating this material as toilet paper. To me.. in my imaginary world.. it's like buying a ticket when you buy my ZINE, you get on board with me when you read my story and so you become a passenger on my ship.

However if you want to think of me as an actual loser punk, gothy whore slut doin it easy going no where selling piddles for piddles.... then you dont see the bigger picture.

And it's getting pretty funny now... there in the subway each week night at peek hour, it's now 5 weeks and for something that was initiated upon a wimsy.... it's miraculously holding up, I havnt wondered off onto the next fun project of procrastination and self indulgence yet.

Why? Cos I have a business plan and this is a business. It is my business to look like a freak in the subway. It is my marketing strategy that I greet everyone weather they chose to buy or not and continue to be friendly with people weather they chose to buy or not. It is my business ethic to respect people's freedom of choise why I conduct my biz in this manner.

So I do not see myself emotionally manipulating people around my business, nor being being threatening nor even annoying with my marketing stratagies and it is legal to peddle goods in the street so long as the shops who pay the rent near by have no qualms.

I have no qualms with the near by establishments, actually they love my work because of cause my business makes people curiouse and so they also check out other businesses while they are looking about.

So what has become very funny to me now is this act I have noticed with some of the public in regard to my presense in the subway.

Well it's 5 weeks now and to try and keep up the act that "you are ignoring a pest so as not to encourage it to do greater trouble" is looking very tried and tested.

There are some folk I notice, they want to look but they force themselves not to, I assume they are are continuing to hold this kind of view of me all the while I'm greeting other folk, "G'day mate, howsit goin.." n so forth. That I'm still there after 5 weeks must show some commitment eh. And therefore the crazy make - up it's a gig, this is an act. I mean a bit of rashional folk, I look freaky and that interests you. Have a fucking look cos that's why I'm there and you dont have to buy, just say hello, it might actually make you feel good, other people feel good as they walk away with a smile.

I get pested by real freaks and I do the act too. However I dont go stiff and look the other way. This scary freak come up to me yesterday, he was in my face, who are you? I said I was an artist here to sell my material, and asked if he wanted to buy a ZINE. Then he said stupid offensive shit, I said, well you can fuck off too then - with a smile on my face. He then got all threatening, so I crown the motherfucker and said
"Oh oh sorry" to the mighty lord, "I was wrong I should not have said that." I paid the cunt what it wanted and it walked off to go harrass another member of public.

So, this business man I see walking past each day with his terribly dated hair cut and his terribly dated business suit who shoves his nose in the air making every effort to avoid making eye contact with me, one day diverts his attention deliberately to look at the man who is organising an art display window and so I crack up laughing.
"Oh, does this business man only look at men? What..he thinks that man rearranging the display window has a cute bum eh?" I mean what makes that artist over there who is part of some organisation more ligit as an artist than me who is working independantly?

So, yes... I got a bit of a social experiment going on in the subway there too.
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